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Asha Daan – The Gift of Hope

Image of annual day celebration at Asha Daan during pre-COVID times.

As a responsible company, HUL has always believed in 'doing well by doing good.' In 1976, we helped set up Asha Daan – a home in Mumbai for abandoned and differently-abled children, HIV-positive people, and the destitute.

Managed by the Missionaries of Charity (founded by Mother Teresa), this gift of hope has provided shelter to many over the last four decades. Housed in a 72,500-square feet plot that belongs to HUL, the company takes care of the home's maintenance and upkeep of its premises.

We strive to provide care and support to all our inmates and are thus awaiting statutory approvals for construction, to commence with the redevelopment of Asha Daan.


HUL looks after more than 400 inmates at Asha Daan at any given point of time.