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Knorr Brings You More Than 100 Wholesome, Heart-Warming Recipes

The Knorr website hosts more than 100 new recipes alongside interesting product and recipe visuals. The recipes lead our consumers into the world of Knorr, the endless possibilities that exist within the range of products and how the assortment of products can fit into enhancing diets and promoting a healthier lifestyle.

Knorr has always enabled consumers to make tasty and nutritious meals at home. A recent survey in India highlighted that the average intake of fruits and vegetable in India for an adult between 18-35 years is 3.3 servings per day, as compared to the World Health Organisation (WHO) recommendation of 5 servings per day. In an endeavour to enable consumers to cook more nutritious dishes and have a healthier diet, the Knorr website now features ‘nutritious recipes.’

It is noteworthy to mention that upto 75% of the Knorr online recipes (India) meet the top tier of Unilever’s Healthy Recipe Framework, whilst being practical and delicious. All the recipes on the website feature a minimum of 30% of recommended ingredients, which means that they include a combination of ingredients that are best suited for a healthy diet, such as wholegrains, legumes, fresh vegetables and vegetable-based oils. Consumers can re-discover flavour by cooking nutritious new recipes.

‘Kissan Tiffin Timetable’: 200 Delicious Tiffin Recipes for 200 School Days

What do mothers worry about first thing in the morning? They worry about packing their child’s tiffin box, of course! It is a constant struggle to decide the perfect recipe - something that is filling enough, can be consumed at room temperature, is non-messy, nutritious, and to top it all, a seemingly different recipe every single day. What’s more, the litmus test is the ‘taste’ of the recipe. The recipe needs to be delicious enough for the tiffin to come back empty.

In an endeavour to help make this daunting task a tad-bit easier, Kissan, true to its ethos, is on a journey to create 200 recipes for 200 school days. The recipes are co-created with India’s leading recipe platform, India Food Network (IFN) and presented by an assortment of renowned chefs, home chefs, and food bloggers.

These delicious recipes feature on Kissan Tiffin Timetable section of India Food Network’s YouTube page. In addition to the recipes being featured on the YouTube Channel, Kissan Tiffin Timetable has a dedicated mom-friendly microsite that captures all recipes in a detailed manner, which can be filtered by preferred chef, cuisine and cooking time. The recipes can also be downloaded in .PDF format, printed, sent on WhatsApp to a mobile number directly, e-mailed or even added to a virtual recipe book. To add to the excitement, those interested can submit recipes that will be featured on the website. The website also has a mechanism to resolve queries by tiffin experts.

In an effort to help make tiffin’s that are delicious yet nutritious, we ensure that majority of the Kissan Tiffin Timetable recipes meet the top tier of Unilever’s Healthy Recipe Framework. While some recipes serve as an occasional indulgent tiffin treat, we attempt to ensure most recipes feature a minimum of 30% of recommended ingredients, which means that they include a combination of ingredients that are best suited for a healthy diet, such as wholegrains, legumes, fresh vegetables, fresh fruits, dry fruits, dairy products, and vegetable based oils.

The recipes receive encouraging feedback from mothers across the country with one of the viewers remarking “Thank you for making our life easier… These recipes are really unique, healthy and appetizing”.

Comments shared by viewers are promptly responded to and constructive feedback is quickly addressed in the subsequent recipes to ensure the content is in line with the expectations of the audience.

We hope that with this initiative, we inspire mothers to prepare more creative & nutritious recipes for their children, and ensure that they experience “Har din naya tiffin, har din empty tiffin”! (Everyday new tiffin recipe, every day empty tiffin).

Promoting a Healthy Lifestyle with Lipton Green Tea: Facts of Fat. Home to Home Consumer Education on Body Fat Percentage

Lifestyle diseases in India are increasing at an alarming rate and although this is a public health concern, the common man is alerted only when the disease strikes him or his loved ones. Thankfully, the awareness on health is increasing and consumers are receptive to education in the area of health and wellness.

Being a progressive brand, Lipton took up the responsibility to create awareness about healthy food and lifestyle habits, where it can make a difference. It was observed that in current times where lifestyles have changed, it is increasingly necessary to educate consumers about the impact of body fat on health, and also drive home the message that being thin or having a healthy BMI does not necessarily mean that the person has a healthy body.

A home-to-home community activity is being carried out in 15 cities across India. The ambassadors measure the body fat percentage of consumers with a bio-electrical impedance instrument followed by diet and lifestyle messages. Since the inception of this campaign in 2017, Lipton team has reached 8.5 million consumers (9% of total Urban households in India) and educated them on the beneficial effects of a balanced diet, active lifestyles, and consumption of green tea.

Building this awareness is of prime importance in a region where incidences of lifestyle diseases are increasing. This activity is also in line with the WHO action plans to reduce incidences of non-communicable diseases by improving physical activity or reducing sedentary lifestyles.

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