Opportunities for women

oppurtunities for women

Building a gender-balanced organisation

By the end of 2019, Hindustan Unilever Limited reported a 41.43% gender balance at the managerial level, along with an increase in gender representation for senior leadership roles from 19.05% to 33.33%.

We continue to place significant importance on diversity and inclusion (D&I) in the workplace. Some of our 2019 milestones include:

  • On-site daycare facilities in 15 of our factory sites as well as paternity leave increased up to three weeks.
  • A new policy to enable working parents to undertake critical business travel with up to two children, aged two years, or below, along with a caretaker.
  • Theatre based inclusion workshops and sharing accounts of breaking stereotypes to celebrate International Women’s Week.

Our flexible working and formal career break policies and parental support extend to employees of all genders and orientations.

Reinforcing the Unstereotype Campaign, this year has further helped us make equal opportunity the new norm.

Promoting safety for women in communities where we operate

The safety of our women and girls in operations and communities where we operate, including our extended supply chain, is our top priority. Our framework of policies and standards are described in Promoting safety for women. Through our partnership with UN Women, we have successfully published A Global Women’s Safety Framework in Rural Spaces .This partnership works towards improving the safety of our women in agriculture and our tea suppliers in India.

Sustainable growth is further achievable through awareness, engagement, and capacity building. We aim to implement this by increasing awareness on sexual harassment, gender-based violence, and strengthening our grievance mechanisms.

Safety at work remains a key focus. As compared to the 2008 baseline, we have successfully reduced the total recordable frequency rate (TRFR) by 87% for accidents in our factories and offices in 2019.

Enhancing access to training and skills

Glow & Lovely Careers: Our Glow & Lovely Careers helps women create an identity for themselves through career guidance, skill-based courses, and job opportunities, as well as online training and skilling. Nearly 730,000 women have registered on the mobile platform with over 530,000 women accessing the option to seek career guidance and skill-based courses. Over 80,000 have opted for employment-oriented content such as mock exams for government jobs, private job opportunities, and resume building.

It is powered by a range of high-quality education and career guidance partners including established EdTech companies like NIIT, edX, English Edge and start-ups such as testbook.com and idreamcareer.com.

Improve Livelihoods of Small Farmers: Small Holder Farmers (SHF’s) enrolled to the trustea[1] program have more access to formal training opportunities on sustainable practices focused on the environment, safety and livelihoods. They are trained on sustainable use of agrochemicals, nutrition management based on soil analysis and good agricultural practices. SHF’s are trained on the Tea Board of India's Plant Protection Code (PPC) and use of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) have benefitted in terms of health and compliance.

Expanding opportunities in our value chain

Project Shakti:Project Shakti aims to provide a livelihood enhancing opportunity to women micro-entrepreneurs in rural India. Shakti entrepreneurs (SEs) are given training for familiarisation with HUL’s products and basic tenets of distribution management. HUL has a team of Rural Sales Promoters (RSPs) who coach and help SEs in managing their business. As of 2019, Project Shakti has supported nearly 120,000 Shakti Ammas across 18 states.

Rin Shine Academy: (Erstwhile Rin Career Ready Academy) aims to provide career readiness skills to youth in India. It focuses on three simple but valuable skills: English Speaking, Office Dressing, and Interview Training. Keeping up with the times, the delivery platform has now changed from IVRS & Website to a Mobile App. So far, over 5.57 lakh people have benefitted from this programme.

Project Prabhat:Prabhat is HUL’s USLP-linked programme that contributes to the development of local communities around key sites, including manufacturing locations. With an aim to create sustainable communities in line with India’s development agenda and the Global Sustainable Development Goals, we are building on the local community needs at the grassroots level. Through targeted pillars of enhancing livelihoods, water conservation, and health and well-being, we aim to create basic awareness amongst people.

Live in 26 locations across the country, Project Prabhat has directly benefited over 4.5 million people across 12 states and 2 union territories in India through partnerships with over 20 NGOs. More than 5,000 HUL employee volunteers have participated in the volunteering activities under Project Prabhat in the last seven years.

In 2019, Prabhat launched a first-of-its kind centre in Kolkata wherein PwDs (Persons with Disability) trained to become e-commerce professionals. By linking artisans to the digital world of e-commerce through our trained Prabhat beneficiaries, the centre in Kolkata has helped enhance livelihoods.

Another milestone was set in the Chhindwara Livelihood Centre, where Prabhat promotes community collectives and value chain interventions to enhance employability and income of local communities, especially women. Prabhat also aligns with the National Nutrition Mission through the newly launched ‘Poshan Saathis’ programme, where young girls and women reach out to people around the HUL factories, demystifying nutrition for women, especially those that are pregnant and lactating.

1- trustea is a multi-stakeholder program, locally developed and owned India sustainability tea code
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