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Our material ESG issues

We live in an uncertain and constantly changing world. Having a formal process to identify our material sustainability issues helps us report on those that matter most to our business and stakeholders.

Defining our material sustainability issues

A sustainability issue is material to HUL if it meets two conditions. Firstly, if it is considered a principal risk or an element of a principal risk, which could impact our business or performance. And secondly, if it is deemed to be important to our key stakeholders, including: our people, consumers, customers (retailers), suppliers & business partners, planet & society (citizens, NGOs, governments) and our employees. We use our sustainability materiality assessment to identify priority sustainability issues across our value chain so that we are able to report on the issues of most interest to our stakeholders. 

Our material sustainability issues

In our 2022 sustainability materiality assessment, we identified 23 sustainability issues that are material to both our business and our stakeholders.

More details can be found in the HUL ESG Risk Materiality Matrix (PDF 271.96 KB).

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