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Lamplighter programme

Our Lamplighter employee programme was started more than a decade ago to improve nutrition, fitness and mental resilience of employees. A dedicated Medical & Occupational Health (M&OH) team along with the Human Resource (HR) department of the company has strategically developed this programme to address the wide-ranging health risks in employees of the company.


As a part of the programme, based on annual health medical checks employees are assigned colour codes as per their health quotient. The M&OH team conducts various health promotion and protection programmes to help employees transit from red to amber and from amber to green zones by motivating them to make lifestyle changes. In many occasions the team provides support and necessary treatment for employees identified in red and amber categories.

Last year, we had partnered with experts in the field of mental health and counselling and had set up toll-free helplines in nine languages for our employees to reach out and speak to a Counsellor and seek advice on physical and mental health related matters. This year we expanded this facility to include face-to-face orientation sessions across 29 locations in India.

In 2017, we also made a big shift in the tracking mechanism of Lamplighter programme by shifting from manual to digital health tracking. We introduced a robust employee wellness solution tool to understand the health risks to employees. This new tool sends out targeted health and wellbeing content to employees, to better manage and track their specific health needs.

Additionally, ‘Thrive’ workshops based on the four-pillar model identified by Unilever - Physical, Mental, Emotional & Purposeful Well-being, were conducted across 32 locations in India. We also conducted regular workshops on improving nutrition where we invited experts to demonstrate ways of healthy cooking. Along with our partners and experts, we implemented habit changing interventions that focused on healthy nutrition choices, de-addiction and adopting clean habits.


The ‘Thrive’ workshops conducted at locations across the country, saw participation from over 12,000 employees of the Company.

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