Hindustan Unilever Foundation

According to estimates, by 2030 the supply of water in India will be half its demand. To understand and partake in meeting this challenge, we set up Hindustan Unilever Foundation (HUF) in 2010, a not-for-profit company that anchors various community development initiatives of the company. HUF supports national priorities for socio-economic development, through its 'Water for Public Good' programme. HUF along with its partners has active projects in 54 districts in 9 states and 2 Union Territories located across 11 river basins in India since inception.


Our water conservation programme undertaken through collective action and in partnership with several NGOs, communities, other co-funders and partners across India has achieved the following by 2015:

  • Water conservation potential of over 200 billion litres has been created in our project areas on a cumulative and collective basis
  • Cumulative agricultural production of 1.5 lakh tonnes has been achieved due to improved availability of water and/or improved agriculture practices in project area
  • More than 20 lakh person days of employment has been generated across several villages in India on a cumulative basis
  • Over 100,000 people have been trained in judicious use of water, conservation, better agricultural practices and other related issues

All our projects are independently assured by third party based on ISAE 3000 and AA 1000 standards.

The ambition of HUF is to create 500 billion litres of water conservation potential ina cumulative and collective way.


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