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HUL receives Sustainable Plus Gold Label for 2015

HUL has received Sustainable Plus Gold Label for the financial year 2015. This is based on ESG (Environment, Social and Governance) analysis conducted on public information scans and information requests.

About the Sustainable Plus Label

Sustainable Plus Gold

CII’s Centre of Excellence for Sustainable Development (CESD) launched Sustainable Plus in 2012 to provide a brand identity tool to companies to communicate to various stakeholders that they are sustainable, responsible and well-governed as well as to enable them to improve their sustainability performance.

Sustainable Plus is the world’s first and only corporate sustainable label. It is based on comprehensive ESG analysis of companies which helps them to measure performance as well as identify risks that challenge sustainability of their business.

Each year, CESD undertakes ESG analysis of top 100 companies across 20 sectors and provides the Sustainable Plus label. HUL was on the list of 100 companies and was analysed on ESG parameters for the financial year 2015. After the initial public scan, each company received a customised information request to fill gaps in disclosures. Information gathered through this process decided the final ESG score of the company on the basis of which the company received a corresponding Sustainable Plus label.

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