Smoother, straighter hair

There’s a good reason why Sunsilk is the number one hair care brand in Asia, Latin American and the Middle East, and the fastest-growing in Europe - tip-targeting technology.

Smooth & straight without heaviness

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We recently launched a new Sunsilk Silky Straight and Smoothing range especially for those of you looking for a smooth, sleek and straight look. We saw that older products out there sometimes just made hair look heavy and greasy, instead of naturally silky.

Technology that knows the difference

So we focused our research on why, and what we could do about it. From our extensive research on hair fibres, we know that the roots and tips of our hair have different surface chemistries that, ideally, require slightly different treatment - not an easy thing to do standing under the shower in a hurry to get to work.

Acting where it is needed

The answer? We developed a new technology that – within one shampoo – can target conditioning actives to go to work where they are needed most. A bifunctional polymer, possessing one domain that attaches to droplets of conditioning active and a second domain that seeks out weathered or damaged hair, is used. Conditioning droplets, covered by these polymers, deposit preferentially where conditioning is needed – typically the tips – smoothing kinks and frizz and helping to naturally weight your hair to look silky straight.

Now we also have a Sunsilk Silky Straight conditioner and a Straightening Cream, all helping your hair to look naturally smooth and sleek, root-to-tip, without heaviness or greasiness. To help you look good, and feel good.

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