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R&D : Innovation

We believe in continuous innovation to create the products and experiences that people love, and to help realise our vision of making sustainable living commonplace.

Lifebuoy Germ Kill Spray

Innovation in HUL

Innovation is at the heart of HUL’s products. Our world class facilities develop products that are good for the people and the planet.

Image of a female HUL employee working at a HUL facility. She appears to be smiling.

Working in Unilever R&D

More than 750 science, technology and engineering experts work with us. We ensure an exciting, safe and competitive environment for our team.

Image of a female HUL scientist working on testing a powder in a laboratory

Safety & Environment

We uphold the highest quality and sustainability standards to make products that are better for our consumers, their families and the planet.

Image of an HUL employee’s hands placing a glass slab under a microscope.

Open Innovation

Help us build a better future. If your design or technology can help us grow and solve our challenges, join us through open innovation.

A person holding a mobile phone with the maps app open. The background is blurred out .

Our R&D locations

HUL R&D Facilities operate at three major locations across India- Bangalore, Gurgaon and Mumbai. Click here to know more.

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