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At HUL, we’ve always built brands driven by purpose. Our people work diligently to ensure that children and adults across India are living healthy, empowered lives. One of the ways to do this is to help them develop good health and hygiene practices.

Given that over 90% of households in India use HUL products, it is our responsibility to make a meaningful difference. Our purpose-driven brands like Lifebuoy (with its hand-washing programme), Domex (promoting improved sanitation) and Pureit (providing safe drinking water) have been spearheading our efforts across India.


SWACHH AADAT, SWACHH BHARAT: Towards happier, healthier children

Health and sanitation are a major issue in India. As a result, many children keep falling sick repeatedly.

To address this, we launched the Swachh Aadat, Swachh Bharat (SASB) programme in 2015. Its tagline “Hath, Munh, Bum, Bimari Hogi Kum” was apt and memorable – encouraging kids to adopt three important habits every day: wash hands, drink purified water, and use clean toilets, to reduce the chance of falling ill. The concept, based on positive behaviour, garnered great attention and appreciation across segments.

In line with this endeavour, a campaign “A Playing Billion” was launched by celebrity Kajol Devgan, SASB’s advocacy ambassador. The poignant film showcased a group of children who miss out on the simple joys of their childhood due to repeatedly falling ill.

HUL’s Swachh Aadat curriculum was also launched as part of the SASB programme. Viewed over 80 million times, it has been instrumental in guiding children to be agents of change.

On-ground behaviour change programs:

Swachhata Doot (Messenger of Cleanliness)

This is a volunteering programme that enables any person to become a change agent in his/her community. It is a mobile-led WASH communication model to help create awareness on the three clean habits in communities. Till date, we have reached over 21 million people through this initiative.

Swachhata Curriculum

HUL contributes to the Chief Minister of Maharashtra’s Village Social Transformation Mission (VSTM) through its Swachhata Curriculum. This curriculum teaches students of class 1 - 5 about the three clean habits in a fun and engaging manner across a 21-day period in partnership with the local government, and the Society for Technology and Action for Rural Advancement (TARA). The programme has reached 0.55 million students so far.

LIFEBUOY: Clean hands = Empowered you


The simple act of washing hands with soap apparently has the potential to save millions of lives. Lifebuoy has always been known for its “tandurusti ki raksha” tagline – a fun jingle with immense impact. On these lines, Lifebuoy has launched behaviour change initiatives that promote the benefits of handwashing with soap at key times during the day and encouraging people to sustain this practice.

Moreover, on 15th October every year, we celebrate Global Handwashing Day (GHD) to spread the message about the importance of handwashing habits among school children. On this day, our employees reach out to children in schools across India, using storytelling, interactive games and pledges to drive the importance of handwashing.

DOMEX TOILET ACADEMY: Fostering a culture of good sanitation

Impact: over 1 million people impacted

“Sanitation” – this topic even inspired a blockbuster Bollywood movie, to show the grave issues facing many people across India. People are forced to defecate in the open because they lack access to clean toilets. To address this critical need, we launched the Domex Toilet Academy (DTA) in 2014. Under the DTA programme, toilets are made accessible and affordable, while promoting the benefits of clean toilets and good hygiene.

Through the Domex Toilet Academy, we have created demand for toilets in low-income households impacting over one million people.

PUREIT: A promise of safe drinking water


The WHO suggests that diarrhoeal diseases can be reduced by 45% if the water quality at consumption source can be maintained. Our role, among many other things, is to help people find solutions to such problems. Problems that lead to ill health and even death are those that need quick and effective answers.

Access to clean drinking water is one such issue in our country. For this, we launched Pureit, India’s most affordable range of purifiers that provide safe drinking water at a running cost of just 30 paise per litre. It comes without the hassle of boiling, need for electricity or continuous tap water supply.

So far, our efforts in the area of health and hygiene have reached more than 150 million people in India. We thank you, our dear consumers, for being by our side as push forward in these efforts. Read more about our health and hygiene initiatives here.

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