The Cornetto experience is made up of a delicious frozen dessert with a crispy-baked wafer cone, coated inside from top to bottom with a chocolatey layer and a surprising tasty crispy chocolate tip.

Generally people think that Cornetto is the result of a patent or a revolutionary invention, but it is more than just that. It is a beautiful and unique story.

Spica, an ice cream manufacturer from Naples, was really passionate about its craft – the ice cream’s creamy texture, delicious flavours and quality ingredients used. And when you do something you love, it can only go well.

One day Spica found a way to spread their passion to everyone, creating a formula that could not fail. The great idea was to cover the inside of a waffle-shaped cone with a chocolatey layer, allowing the wafer to keep its crispiness when filled with a frozen dessert. This breakthrough innovation gave birth to “Cornetto”! From that moment on, people have been able to enjoy their crispy and delectable Cornetto whenever they want.

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