Bru has always been known to make relationships stronger. The warm aura, coupled with an indulgent richness, brings people closer together. Whether it’s among friends or family members, at home or outside, every moment is perfect for a cup of Bru!

Instant Coffee

Bru Instant

Launched in 1968, Bru Instant is India’s first coffee- chicory mix instant coffee. Our processes ensure that the fresh coffee taste and aroma is preserved so that you get the best coffee experience, instantly.

Bru Gold

Launched in 2011, Bru Gold is 100% pure coffee, a fine blend of the best Arabica and Robusta beans carefully selected from the best South Indian plantations that are roasted to perfection to give you a cup of coffee which is truly authentic.

Filter Coffee

Bru Green Label

Bru Roast & Ground is India’s first packaged filter coffee with carefully selected and freshly roasted coffee beans that offer a great cup of aromatic filter coffee.

Bru Select

Bru Select offers the ultimate taste of premium filter coffee with its rich blend of 85% coffee and 15% chicory. It is the perfect indulgence when you want to slow down and enjoy a cup of coffee with your loved ones.

Out of Home

Vending solutions

Bru has a network of ‘Fresh Bean to Cup’ coffee machines across various corporate offices and cafes that serve a range of quality beverages such as Cappuccino, Latte, Americano and other brews that true coffee lovers will enjoy.

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