Launched in 1997, Horlicks Mother’s Plus has been scientifically designed keeping in mind the nutritional requirements of pregnant and lactating women. It contains 25 vital nutrients* that are important to provide optimal nutrition for the mother’s health and baby’s growth. Choline and DHA are essential nutrients of Horlicks Mother’s Plus, which are important for the normal development of brain and nervous system of the foetus. It is rich in high-quality protein as it provides proteins with an amino acid score of 100.

Additionally, Horlicks Mother’s Plus contains Vitamin B1, B2, B6, B12, A, Selenium and Iodine, which are known to help improve the quality of breast milk.

Available in Vanilla and Kesar variants, Horlicks Mother's Plus is the number 1 gynaecologist recommended nutritional drink for pregnant women^.


^Iqvia medical audit July 2019

*21 vitamins and minerals + protein + carbohydrate + fat + DHA

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