Started in 1934, Kissan is more than jams, ketchups and squashes. It’s about kids eating happily and in turn, growing happily.

History of Kissan

During the British era, trains passing through Punjab made a stop at a processing unit where farmers sold freshly picked fruits. Locals called this spot Kissan and from there it became a household name.

In 1993, Kissan was acquired by Brooke Bond India and is now an integral part of Hindustan Unilever Limited (HUL).

The modern market

To keep up with the current pace of life, Indian mothers are striving to find the right balance between quick fix meals and adequate nutrition – the latter being unnegotiable. The easiest solution to this was to make nutritious food exciting, and that’s exactly why spreads and dressings were introduced.

Kissan in the modern market

Kissan believes that the journey towards a bright tomorrow starts with enjoying today. So, to fulfil every consumers’ taste buds, the brand has pioneered flavours and variants that compliment every snack, base and occasion.

Kissan Ketchup is available in a variety of flavours – from the Fresh Tomato Ketchup to the newly launched spicy range. Kissan jam has an exciting combination of flavors too. The pulp of eight fruits are blended to make the popular Kissan Mix Fruit jam and real Alphonso mangoes are blended to make the Kissan Mango Jam, making breakfast a yummy treat.

The latest Blast jam range offers a quirky blend of sweet and tangy flavours in the Berry, Strawberry and Orange variants. Kissan squashes are also available in an array of flavours from Mango to Lime for a refreshing experience.


Kissan is the market leader in jams and ketchups in the country. The brand is a champion of happy growth. The Kissanpur campaign which has won over 35 awards in India and across the globe is considered to be a replicable model to build brand love.

Today Kissan is a power brand, constantly focusing on sustainable development plans for communities. Kissan sources 100 per cent of its tomatoes for Ketchup from sustainable sources. This in turn provides livelihood to local smallholder farmers, making Kissan a responsible brand.

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