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Nature Protect

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Nature Protect

Nature Protect fights germs with nature’s superpower

The Covid-19 pandemic has fundamentally reshaped how we look at and approach hygiene. Practising hygiene is no more a problem-solution based approach. Hygiene is now a lifestyle need.

That is why we have crafted a powerful hygiene mix that is designed for the new normal, powered by plant-based active – Nature Protect Hygiene range.

Nature, as we know, is a wellspring of all that is good in the world – gentle, healing but also resilient, protective and powerful. Nature protect range of hygiene products taps into nature as a source of deep protective power to deliver evidence-based hygiene solutions like Floor & Surface Disinfectants.

• The range includes products made with powerful plant-based active and infused with Neem extract.

• Fights 99.9% germs to deliver 360-degree hygiene solutions for around me hygiene needs.

• Designed to deliver hygiene as a lifestyle solution.

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