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Brooke Bond Taaza

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Aisi Taazgi Bhari Chai, Dimag Khul Jaye

A young woman in emerging India wants to be at her refreshed best to take on every day demanding moments. She wants to make a positive difference to her life, her family & the world around her. Brooke Bond Taaza, with its green leaves, refreshes her and gives her the confidence to chase her dreams and right any wrongs that she witnesses on her path in a tactful manner.

Ever since it was launched in 1988, true to its name, Taaza tea has helped refresh Indian home-makers so that they can clear their minds and be energized for going the extra mile. Brooke Bond Taaza is a special tea blend made with tea leaves from select Trustea certified gardens. It stands out with its unique green leaves that cue freshness in the minds of its users. The signature sign-off message of “Taaza Ho Le” is an iconic brand asset and is fondly remembered by all.

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