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When did you grow up so much?

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Horlicks is one of the leading brands in the health food drink category in India. It contains 23 vital nutrients and is clinically proven1 to reduce the insufficiency of micronutrients/essential nutrients.2

Regular intake of Horlicks along with a proper daily diet and lifestyle can lead to measurable improvements in the child’s growth and development like more bone area, more muscles and better concentration. Horlicks is a brand rooted in Purpose and Nourishment. It comes in two yummy favours, Classic Malt and Chocolate Delight.

Horlicks was developed by two British-born brothers William and James Horlick, in the United States in 1873 and came to India with the British soldiers in World War I in 1918 as a diet supplement. Indians took to drinking Horlicks as a family drink in the early 1940s and 1950s. In 1959, Horlicks began manufacturing in India.



Comparison between a micronutrient enriched beverage VS non-fortified placebo consumed for 14 months by children of 6-16 years (2 cups/day - 54g/day). Study published in Nutrition 22 (2006) S15-S25.


Such as Vitamin D, Folate and Vitamin B2 in apparently healthy children. Horlicks is a nourishing beverage to be taken as part of a regular daily diet.

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