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Get whole mouth protection from Germs

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Pepsodent was launched in 1992 in India, and since then, the brand has raised the benchmark on oral care solutions in India. Pepsodent offers a range of toothpaste and toothbrushes that cover specific oral care needs. For example, the new Pepsodent Germicheck 8 actions toothpaste is clinically proven to fight germs not only on teeth but on cheeks, gums and tongue to give you complete mouth protection from germs.

Pepsodent, for the last 30 years is an expert in fighting germs, which is the root cause of many oral care issues such as bad breath, gum problems and cavities. It was the first toothpaste in India with an anti-germ formula containing fluoride, giving extended germ protection.

Pepsodent is constantly bringing the best oral care solutions to consumers. With its latest re-launch of Pepsodent Germicheck 8, it offers complete mouth protection - it fights germs not only on teeth but on cheeks, gums and tongue to give eight scientifically proven benefits.

The recent launch of Sensitive Mineral Active by Pepsodent results from 10 years of extensive research and has a cutting edge clinically proven sensitivity management formula with four patents. It has a unique combination of breakthrough science with natural, pure, mineral based action. Sensitive Mineral Active restores sensitive areas with the same natural mineral, enamel is made of to reduce sensitivity at the source so that sensitivity is solved and prevents it from coming back with regular use. This toothpaste is scientifically proven to provide up to 100% coverage of dentinal tubules in 3 days.

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