At any age, at any time, whatever your skin needs, the Vaseline skin care team wants everybody to be able to enjoy great, healthy skin every day and feel ready all the time!

Healthy skin everyday

In 1869, Robert Chesebrough, a dispensing chemist, discovered something amazing. He discovered a 100% natural product, rich in minerals from deep within the earth yet totally pure, which had remarkable healing properties when applied to cuts, burns and abrasions of the skin. That product was branded Vaseline petroleum jelly.

Keeping skin amazing

Just as Robert Chesebrough in the 1800s, we continue to be motivated by a passion and curiosity about skin. It's an incredibly complex and miraculous creation of nature. It protects us from adverse climate and from infection. It recreates and regenerates itself through our lives. It stretches, yet retains its form. It is waterproof, yet it can emit water.

It is easy to take skin and all of its properties for granted, but Vaseline never has. For over 130 years Vaseline has marvelled at skin, and through our products we share everything we've learnt over all those decades about how skin works and how to keep it in great condition. We are constantly developing accessible, everyday skincare products to help keep your skin amazing.

Did you know?

  • Skin is the body's largest organ, accounting for approximately 16% of your body weight
  • One-third of all the blood circulating through the body is received by your skin
  • Every 28 days, your skin renews itself completely
  • The skin on your fingertips is the most touch sensitive skin on your body
  • Your skin loses over 200ml of water per day through evaporation
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