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Safety & Health Policy

HUL is committed to exhibit the highest standards of corporate behavior towards its consumers, employees, the societies and the environment in which it operates.

Our Commitment

Towards this, the Company recognises its responsibility to ensure safety and protection of health of its employees, contractors and visitors in all its operating sites, which include manufacturing, sales and distribution, research laboratories and offices during work and work related travel.

This Policy document defines the vision, principles, aim, required actions and scope of the policy application as well as the responsibility for execution.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be an injury free organisation.

Our Mission

We will bring safety on top of mind for all employees and will integrate it with all business processes. We will realise our Vision through an Integrated Safety Management approach, which focuses on People, Processes, Systems, Technology and Facilities, supported by demonstrated leadership and employee commitment at all levels as the prime drivers for ensuring a safe and healthy work environment.

Safety Principles

HUL's Occupational Safety and Health Policy is based on and supported by the following eight Principles.

These Principles have the same status as the Company's Code of Business Principles:

  • All injuries and occupational illnesses are preventable
  • All operational exposures can be safeguarded
  • Safety evaluation of all business processes is vital
  • Working safely is a condition of employment
  • Training all employees to work safely is essential
  • Management audits are a must
  • Employee involvement is essential
  • All deficiencies must be reported and corrected promptly

Safety & health at HUL

Hindustan Unilever Ltd (HUL) recognizes people as its most important asset and is committed to a safe and healthy work environment impacting those working on, visiting or living near our operations. Management at all levels will be responsible and will be held accountable for the occupational safety and health performance of the Company. At the same time it is the duty of every employee to work in a safe manner so as not to endanger himself / herself or his/her colleagues at work and during travel. This is a condition of employment.

HUL is committed to make, handle, use, transport, sell or dispose off products, in a safe and environmentally sound manner. HUL aims to prevent occupational injuries and ill health through the following actions:

  • Integrate safety into all business processes. Proactively evaluate risk of occupational injury / illness and implement actions to mitigate the risk.
  • Design, adapt, operate and maintain technology, plants and other facilities within the designated safety criteria throughout their working life.
  • Develop, introduce and maintain safety and health management systems across the Company to meet concern standards as well as statutory requirements for safety and health. Verify compliance with these standards through regular auditing.
  • Set continual improvement objectives and targets and review these periodically to ensure that these are being met at the individual unit and corporate levels.
  • Inculcate safety as a personal value through behavioral intervention at all levels, recognition of positive behavior and continuous correction of unsafe behavior.
  • Involve all employees in the implementation of this Policy and provide appropriate training.
  • Provide for appropriate dissemination of information on safety and health at work and travel through suitable communication networks both within HUL and among stakeholders.
  • Implement Mandatory Minimum Standards at Third Party co-packers and dedicated warehouses.

Scope of Application

This section defines the scope of application of this Policy (where, when and to whom is this Policy applicable).

Where does this policy apply?

  • All own/leased sites – Manufacturing, Research/Innovation, Offices, Depots, Warehouses
  • In-house purchased services i.e. canteen, travel desk, IT implementation etc.
  • Sites of associates with HUL holding > 24% while carrying out operations of making, handling, using, transporting, selling or disposing off of our products

Who does the policy apply to?

  • All employees at business anywhere
  • Contractors and visitors while at our own sites

When does it apply?

  • At work (our employees, contractors and visitors)
  • Travel between home and work of our employees
  • Business related travel including stay out of headquarter
  • All Company organised business events i.e. training programmes, conferences, business related get-together, annual sports etc.

Implementation Responsibility

HUL Management at all levels is responsible for Policy implementation. Every site shall prepare a responsibility matrix with respect to this Policy. Such SHE responsibilities shall form an integral part of overall job responsibilities of all employees.

All Unilever and HUL Standards, Rules and Procedures on Occupational Safety and Health, including those that may be specific to a site are integral to this Policy and its implementation. All employees are required to ensure strict adherence.