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‘Start A Little Good’ for a better tomorrow


recyling plastic movement- group photo

HUL’s campaign, ‘Start A Little Good’ reflects the initiatives undertaken by Hindustan Unilever Limited (HUL) to do good for society. It captures the company’s philosophy of humbly doing good and urging consumers to do their bit so that together we can realise the big difference the little acts of ‘good’ can make. It is an action-inducing war cry to urge every citizen to do their bit.

At HUL, we realise that our efforts while whole-hearted, are a drop in the ocean. Change is a chain reaction and each link in the chain matters. Only if all of us start caring about how we affect positive change, we can make the world cleaner, greener, safer and better.

Plastic Banega Fantastic an initiative under the ‘Start A Little Good’ campaign was a four-month long, three-city-wide initiative. It was a concerted effort to get people to experience the power of a simple act like waste segregation. This came from the learning that people do not segregate their waste because they don’t understand its value in curbing plastic pollution.

The fact that all the plastic collected is going to be recycled into useful objects that will benefit those in need is a demonstration of the possibilities that are unlocked when we segregate plastic.

Through this campaign, we encouraged citizens to join the movement. Our endeavour was to encourage people to undertake the simple task of waste segregation to aid plastic recycling. We received overwhelming support from our partner NGOs and from our advocacy partners, Ajay and Kajol Devgn.

flowerpots made by recyled plastic
Boat and fishing net distributed from reclyed plastic
  • Total number of volunteers that attended the drives – 5197
  • Total plastic recycled – 3043 kgs

The objects made from recycled plastic ¬- boats, fishing nets, park benches, planters and spectacles, have been distributed to various recipients. With the help of fisherman’s associations, we organized two ceremonies in Mumbai, where boats & fishing nets were distributed to create livelihood options for the unemployed people of the community. The benches and the planters were used for beautification of Bangalore’s lakes and hospitals, while the spectacles were given to the patients in government hospitals.

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