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HUL & UNDP launch Utthaan to improve lives of waste pickers


HUL & UNDP launch Utthaan to improve lives of waste pickers

Hindustan Unilever Limited (HUL) aims to improve the lives of waste pickers (Safai Sathis) in Delhi and Mumbai through project "Utthaan" (Upliftment) in partnership with UNDP India. To begin with, the initiative will impact 3000 waste pickers with better access to social protection schemes covering – food, health, safety, security and financial inclusion.

Prabha Narasimhan, Executive Director, Home Care, HUL, while speaking at an event organised by UNDP India to launch the Baseline Analysis of the Socio-Economic Situation of Safai Sathis, announced phase 2 of Project Utthaan. The initiative will include awareness building and needs assessment of waste pickers mapping their eligibility, development of documentation and applications for Government schemes. Through Utthaan, the partnership aims to create a catalytic model that can be replicated and improve the visibility of Safai Sathis across the country.

Ms Narasimhan said, "Through UtthaanSafai Sathis will be able to access Government's welfare schemes which will help them and their families lead a more dignified life. We recognise that they are the invisible frontline heroes of our society and face many challenges such as food security, health security, financial inclusion, and others. UNDP's baseline study inspired us to launch a project for their welfare and upliftment."

"Safai Sathis are the often invisible faces behind India's waste management system. UNDP and partners have supported over 5,000 Safai Sathis to improve their livelihoods and establish linkages with government health, social security, and financial inclusion schemes. We are thankful to HUL for their partnership and support for this initiative. With this partnership, we hope to continue to strengthen waste management efforts while also improving the lives and livelihoods of Safai Sathis," said Ms Nadia Rasheed, Deputy Resident Representative, UNDP.

At Hindustan Unilever, we are committed to improving the planet's health by collecting and processing more plastic packaging than we sell. HUL is already supporting UNDP India's efforts to manage and process plastic waste in four wards in Mumbai by setting up Swachhta Kendras.

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