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Supporting mental health and well-being


A happy life begins with good health, both physical and mental. With the accelerated pace of change at workplaces the world over, managing employee well-being and offering appropriate support is more important than ever.

An image representing mental health support in a workplace.

At Hindustan Unilever, we are committed to ensuring this through various initiatives, striving to provide the highest quality of care for all those who work with us. Wellbeing at work begins with awareness and speaking up when confronted by mental health challenges.

This World Mental Health Day 2023, at HUL, we renew our commitment to be a torchbearer of mental health awareness and champion related issues as an active member of the mental health community at large.

When it comes to mental health, speak up and lend a listening ear to those in need.

A mental health day awareness logo that reads ‘Speak up and Listen’
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