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Taj Mahal tea enters the Guinness Book


An image of Taj Mahal 'Megh Santoor' billboard

Taj Mahal tea has a rich legacy of being associated with Hindustani Classical Music. This year the brand has taken it a notch higher, by creating a unique experience in the monsoon for the people of Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh.

Vijayawada is special for the brand as the city accounts for 10% of its volumes nationally. The brand’s strategy has always focused on remaining unmissable in Vijayawada. This year, Taj has done this through a larger-than-life activation by creating the ‘Megh Santoor’, a first-of-its-kind innovation, that uses rain to play the notes on the Santoor.

The huge Santoor, which is 150 ft wide, has been designed such that with every rain shower, the water interacts with the santoor strings recreated on the billboard to present a rendition of the Raag Megh Malhar, the raaga of the rains.

Renowned Indian classical musician, percussionist, and composer, Mr. Taufiq Qureshi has lent his expertise to ensure that the raaga resonates with the true spirit of the Indian monsoon. It offers locals an unprecedented experience that seamlessly blends technology, nature, and the soulful tunes of Hindustani classical music.

This innovative installation at the Vijayawada railway station has helped move the brand’s Top of Mind recall (TOM) from 74 to 89 (its historical highest), consistently for 3 months. Known for delivering masterpieces through its blends and classical music, Taj Mahal has done this yet again, by also winning a Guinness World Record. It won this honour for its Megh Santoor being the largest innovative installation to interact with the environment.

Creating history, this is a moment that has put the brand on the world map, and has made everyone say, Wah Taj!

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