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A peek into PWD inclusion at HUL


HUL’s transformative journey in the inclusion of PwDs (Persons with Disabilities) has paved the way for a future where inclusion becomes an integral part of the corporate culture – an opportunity for collective growth, innovation, and success.

A picture of a person with disability on a wheelchair in an office set up.

Diversity is not just a moral imperative, but a strategic advantage

Rooted in the belief that diversity is a cornerstone of innovation and growth, HUL today has over 100 PwDs across the business. At the heart of HUL's commitment to PwD Inclusion lies its holistic 4A Approach.

This all-encompassing strategy underscores HUL's steadfast dedication to addressing the myriad challenges faced by PwDs in the dynamic landscape of the workplace. HUL's expedition in PwD inclusion is more than just a compliance-driven initiative – it's a pioneering endeavour seeking to redefine corporate inclusivity and goes beyond simply ticking boxes. HUL assumes the responsibility for creating an environment where every individual, irrespective of their abilities, feels valued and empowered.

How HUL’s inclusion initiatives paved the way for PwDs to shine

By understanding that genuine inclusivity necessitates collaboration with experts in the field, HUL has forged key partnerships. These collaborations extend to areas such as infrastructure accessibility, employee awareness programs, and talent acquisition strategies, ensuring a comprehensive and sustainable approach.

In this journey, there also has been a realisation – the availability (or lack thereof) of skilled and qualified PwD candidates. The systemic barriers, inadequate educational opportunities, and prevailing misconceptions about the capabilities of PwDs were key roadblocks that needed to be dismantled.

In response to this, HUL introduced 'Project Saksham' – an internship program designed exclusively for PwDs. This visionary initiative was not just about filling roles – it was about creating a pathway to employment, providing essential training, and addressing the root causes of talent scarcity within the PwD community.

A group picture of HUL's Saksham employees and interns.

Starting with a pilot in the IT teams in 2022, the program witnessed over 90% conversion of interns into full-time roles. The success story unfolded as Saksham extended its reach into other functions such as R&D, Finance, Supply Chain, Marketing, and HR.

Another central cog of HUL's PwD Inclusion initiative is the formidable resource network, Enable. More than just a support system, Enable provides a platform for PwDs to connect, share experiences, and mutually empower one another. It doesn't stop there – Enable extends its reach as an ally network, fostering an environment where everyone, regardless of abilities, plays an active role in shaping an inclusive workplace.

HUL is setting a benchmark for inclusive practices

In this decisive journey towards inclusivity, HUL has embarked on a transformative mission – an aspiration to have at least 5% of its workforce represented by Persons with Disabilities (PwDs). This commitment becomes particularly poignant in the realm of disability inclusion, where societal norms have often erected barriers, hindering the full participation of PwDs in the workforce.

HUL continues to set the benchmark for inclusive practices in the industry, and its commitment translates into tangible policies. Our Disability Accommodation Policy (PDF 186.44 KB) stands as a testament to the organisation's resolve to create an environment where PwDs can not only survive but thrive. Moreover, an additional Medical Insurance Policy specifically tailored for PwDs reinforces HUL's dedication to their holistic well-being.

Emphasis on leadership and learning programs for inclusivity

Recognising the pivotal role of leadership in fostering an inclusive environment, HUL has invested significantly in an experiential learning program. Over 100 leaders have undergone specialised training, arming themselves with the knowledge and sensitivity required to be effective champions of PwD Inclusion.

A group of HUL employees participating in the PWD awareness workshop.

HUL's tireless efforts have materialised in the concrete inclusion of over 100 PwDs in the ecosystem, from the shop floor to managerial positions.

In conclusion, HUL's journey in PwD Inclusion is a testament to what happens when an organisation embraces diversity not as a challenge but as an opportunity for growth, innovation, and collective success. As the story unfolds, HUL continues to inspire, paving the way for a future where inclusion is not a choice but an integral part of corporate culture.

Join us in celebrating diversity and breaking barriers, because at HUL, inclusion is not just a goal – it's our shared journey towards a brighter, more inclusive tomorrow.

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