HUL launches MAGIC Powder: An initiative to save water

Water crisis is a major concern in India. Today, several parts of the country are experiencing an acute water crisis with 600 million people facing acute water shortage.

Water Issue in Tamil Nadu

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Tamil Nadu (TN) is classified as a severely water-stressed state; the per capita availability of water is about 750 cubic meters per annum compared to the national average of 2100 cubic meters as per the World Bank report. The situation is severe this year due to poor rainfall in 2018 accentuated by a sharp depletion in groundwater and reservoirs.

Chennai, the capital city, reported acute water shortage for the past several months after Chennai's Porur Lake, which is considered one of the main sources of water, reached its lowest level. Borewells and lakes went dry, forcing people and commercial establishments to depend on water supplied through tankers from villages in neighbouring districts.

A crisis of this magnitude requires us to identify each and every opportunity to reduce and optimise water, starting with our households. Our studies indicate that Laundry consumes about 20% of household water of which around 80% is for rinsing clothes. We estimate, that on an average, a consumer uses approx 50 litres (4 buckets) of water for rinsing off detergent from their clothes every time they wash. The numbers are big and significant and any initiative to save this water can make a big impact in the lives of individuals as well as society at large.

Introducing MAGIC Powder

Recognising the acute water shortage issue HUL came with a unique water-saving innovation – MAGIC ONE RINSE. Magic One Rinse is a laundry product that helps save three buckets of water while rinsing clothes.

Consumers normally rinse clothes up to four times to get the satisfaction of clean clothes. MAGIC powder needs to be added to the first rinse water and once washed clothes are dipped, its unique formula neutralises the detergent and eliminates lather and soapiness instantly. There is no need for any further rinsing and just one bucket of water is enough. This means that every household will be able to save up to 37.5 litres of water every time they do their laundry.

Magic was launched in TN in September with the popular TV actress Raadhika Sarathkumar as the brand ambassador. Apart from selling it at a very affordable price of Rs. 2 per sachet, Magic was also given away free with our Rin and Surf Excel powders (500g and 1kg) in Tamilnadu, with an intent to help the consumers when they are most in need.

Magic has also partnered with Star Vijay using popular television faces such as Divyadarshini Neelakandan, Ramya Subramanian and Alya Manasa, and the platform of Big Boss Tamil to make the consumers aware of the product and how to use it.

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