Hindustan Unilever releases its first ‘Sustainable Development Report’

Mr. Harish Manwani releases the Company’s first ‘Sustainable Development Report’ at the Company Annual General Meeting.

Commenting on the Sustainable Development Report 2009, Mr Nitin Paranjpe, CEO and Managing Director, HUL, said, "HUL through its 76 years of corporate existence in India has always participated actively in contributing to society not only with product innovations but also with social initiatives. The Sustainable Development Report provides a clear understanding of our approach of integrating Corporate Responsibility (CR) into the conduct of our business – brands, people and processes. Our strategic approach of ‘small actions, big differences’ illustrates our responsibility towards multiple stakeholders and the reciprocal impact we have on each other."

HUL’s Sustainable Development Report explores the company’s CR framework which integrates the social, economic and environmental agenda with business priorities. The three cornerstones for CR integration with business at HUL are:

  1. Growing markets responsibly,
  2. Ensuring sustainable practices in business, and
  3. Building reputation through responsible leadership

HUL has chosen to focus on areas where it can make a substantial and sustainable difference by virtue of its business and operations. HUL’s corporate responsibility strategy seeks to address the Company’s most significant sustainability impacts of hygiene, nutrition, enhancement of livelihoods, reduction of greenhouse gases and water by integrating these objectives into its brands, people and processes.

The Sustainable Development Report brings forth HUL’s approach of making a ‘big difference through small actions’. Even seemingly small innovations in the company’s brands and business processes can lead to a big difference in society. For example, through product innovation, Surf Excel detergent, helps an individual household to save two buckets of water per wash. Given that the company touches the lives of two out of every three Indians through its products, a million Indian households using Surf Excel can save enough water for meeting the basic hygiene needs of millions of Indians.

The report details the commitments and positive impacts of HUL across the value of its business and across stakeholders – Consumers, Business Partners, Employees, Ecosystem, Society and Investors. It illustrates how brands, people, and processes act as enablers of the corporate responsibility strategy and will help grow markets, fuel innovation, create societal legitimacy and build corporate reputation, thereby ensuring competitive, profitable and sustainable growth and a positive impact for all stakeholders.

Notes To Editors

  • HUL Sustainability Report 2009 is available at:http://www.hul.co.in/sustainability/BuildingSustainableBusiness/
  • HUL is committed to communicating sustainability performance through a detailed ‘Sustainable Development Report’ published biennially and will also provide an update on its commitments through the Financial Report annually.
  • The report addresses the United Nations Global Compact (UNGC) principles. A reference table for UNGC principles and Global Reporting Initiative's G3 Sustainability Reporting Guidelines is also provided in the report for comparability.
  • The sustainability performance indicators presented in the report capture data on performance through the calendar year 2009. While it transparently showcases the impact across the value chain, the data on environmental and safety performance is limited to the company’s own operations.

Highlights of HUL Sustainability Impacts:

  • 45,000 Shakti entrepreneurs serving more than 1,00,000 villages across India.
  • Enhanced livelihood of 75,000 rural women by Rs.18 crores in partnership with DHAN Foundation.
  • Lifebuoy Swasthya Chetna has touched more than 120 million Indians since 2002.
  • Reduced environmental impact of our manufacturing operations by 31% for water use and by 28% for CO2 from energy.
  • Nineteen tea estates certified by Rainforest Alliance for sustainable sourcing of tea.
  • HUL employees volunteered more than 1,15,000 hours for community initiatives through HUL Sankalp.
  • More than 3 million households protected by Pureit water purifier.
  • HUL was felicitated for receiving highest number of patents in 2009 in India.

Highlights of HUL Sustainability Commitments by 2015:

  • To eliminate PVC from our brand packaging.
  • Extend the Shakti programme to 75,000 entrepreneurs.
  • Over 50% of tomatoes sourced from India will be from sustainable sources.
  • Above 25% reduction of CO2 from energy by 2012 in our own factories on per tonne basis against 2004 baseline.
  • Implement rainwater harvesting in our own sites in all our own factories where it has the potential to yield results.
  • Contribute to water conservation in villages. Aim is to conserve 20 billion litres of water.

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