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Employee health & wellbeing

At HUL, we help our employees be the best version of themselves by empowering them to enjoy a healthy, safe, and high-quality work-life balance.

We know that when people are healthy and well, and living their life’s ‘purpose’, they are able to contribute more – whether that’s to their families, their work or society at large.

We want to promote a positive environment in our workplaces, to support people’s physical, mental, social and emotional wellbeing, as well as to help them fulfil their individual purpose. By empowering our employees to be the best version of themselves, we help them, and our business, to thrive.

Healthier U: A holistic approach to health

  • Through Healthier U, we strive towards adding healthy years to the lives of everyone at HUL and realise their untapped potential.
  • It involves understanding their motivations and attitude towards health, evaluating their medical profile, and strategising effective interventions.
  • It is designed to help employees care for their physical, emotional, and mental health with ample support from us.

Our wellbeing framework

Our Wellbeing Framework is at the heart of our business, underpinning everything we do to support our employees’ health and wellbeing:

  • Purposeful – Identifying what really matters to us and connecting to that as much as possible in all we do.
  • Mental – Managing our mental choices and reactions to distractions, pressures, challenges and adversity.
  • Emotional – Finding ways to feel positive and confidently face the challenges life throws at us.
  • Physical – Looking after our health, fitness, diet, sleep and energy levels so we approach challenges with zeal.

Leader check-in circles

During the pandemic, our leaders left no stone unturned to ensure that our safety and wellbeing remained unharmed while also securing business continuity. This, inevitably, called for support.

In these circles, experienced coaches facilitate sessions to help our leaders recharge and develop a positive attitude that trickles down to the entire organisation.

Bringing purpose to work

Our workshop, ’Discover Your Purpose’, helps employees identify their purpose for a more fulfilling career and professional development.

This also deepened their engagement and optimism at work, thus improving overall wellness.

Breaking the stigma around mental health

  • Culture: We empower our workforce through education, by raising awareness, addressing stigma, and normalising conversations around mental health.
  • Leadership: We raise awareness and boost mental health support through role-modelling.
  • Prevention: We provide access to self-help tools for teams and individuals, including expert information and lifelong learning.
  • Support: We seek to enable a strong foundation of all-around, all-pervasive access to mental health guidance while driving conversations around the same.

Support one, support all

The Employee Assistance Programme (EAP), at HUL, offers 24x7 support all days a year, in local languages, and can be accessed via call, text, or chat.

It includes a range of options, such as access to counselling, mindfulness-based stress reduction courses, life coaching, financial wellbeing, and resilience training.

Prevention is the best cure

  • At HUL, our objective is to build psychologically strong, high-energy teams.
  • Our network of MHCs is widespread, which allows for peer-to-peer mental health conversations while emphasising our ‘Team Energy’ approach.
  • Understanding the long-term wellbeing needs of our employees calls for a closer look at the development of societies and workplaces in the coming decades.
  • We believe resilience comes by embracing change and creating communities of empowered individuals. Every day, we walk towards adapting to the post-pandemic work culture of collaboration, celebration, and connection to sustain high performance and the wellbeing of our employees.

Towards physical health

  • Our team of well-qualified medical professionals is committed to creating a work culture where welfare thrives.
  • They are proactive in conducting pre-employment checks, and annual health examinations, and provide access to the best-in-class medical care.
  • Our employees benefit from regular medical evaluations for issues like hypertension, diabetes, and cardiovascular pathologies.
  • We constantly review the latest scientific data and technologies to ensure that the best testing and treatment options are available to all.
  • During the COVID-19 pandemic, our doctors were critical in protecting our employees through early testing, effective contact tracing protocols, and ensuring timely access to medical care. At HUL, the number of COVID-19 cases was proportionately lower than community prevalence and infection figures.

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