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Improve the health of the planet

The urgency of our work to tackle climate change, reduce plastic waste and protect nature has never been greater. Our ambitious commitments are making an impact and helping our brands grow.

Sustainable scenarios
Climate Action

Climate Action

We’re employing renewable energy across our operations. We are reformulating our products like cleaning supplies with plant-based, green carbon ingredients as alternatives to fossil fuels. We’re aiming to achieve net-zero emissions from our products up to the point of sale by 2039.

A man holding his plant

Protect and regenerate nature

Nature is our biggest ally. We’re on a mission to build a nature-positive future. We’re working to eliminate deforestation from our supply chain and to protect and regenerate land, forests and oceans.

Waste free World

Waste-free world

Transitioning to a circular economy approach is at the heart of our strategy for a waste-free world. We’ve set ambitious and interrelated goals to reduce our waste footprint. This includes goals across plastics and packaging, food waste and other waste from our factories and operations.

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