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Socho – The Long-Term Impact of Repeated Illness on Children

1/3rd of our nation’s children fall ill repeatedly and thus, cannot enjoy the simple joys of childhood every day*.

You can change this, become a Swachhata Doot

What happens with repeated Illness?

With repeated illness like diarrhoea, the body continuously diverts its energy and nutrients away from growth and brain development to fight infection for survival.

When this happens during the first two years of life, children become stunted or malnourished.

According to Unicef, the story of child mortality and malnourishment in India is not just one of poor diets. The lack of water, sanitation and hygiene practices is thought to cause up to 50 percent of all child malnourishment.

And unfortunately, the diminished physical and mental development in these children is irreversible.

You can change this, become a ‘Swachhata Doot’

And this is not just a rural phenomenon. Poor sanitation and hygiene practices are rampant urban phenomenon too! Someone living just a few hundred metres away from us may not have access to clean drinking water or a toilet.

3 simple hygiene habits can go a long way in preventing illness.

We call it Haath, Munh aur Bum

* Based on independent studies and data sources relating ages 0-5.

You can change this, become a ‘Swachhata Doot’
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