Kwality Wall's, the brand with a big heart, offers a range of delightful frozen desserts that bring smiles to the faces of millions of Indians – kids, teens and adults.

In a world of stress, denial and restraint, providing moments of daily pleasure to consumers, through our delightfully delicious products, is our passion. We believe in spreading happiness and smiles through every cone, cup, stick and tub we sell. Our biggest satisfaction comes from the look of bliss and happiness of our consumers faces, as they devour our products. Our passion is inspired by our love for simple ingredients like Milk, Fruit and Chocolate, which make our products the best “Pleasure Food” there is. 

Kwality Wall’s- the brand with the heart logo - is been loved for its wide variety of products, from indulgent treats like Cornetto & Feast (for teens and young adults), to Paddle Pop (for kids), to family favorites like our Creamy Delight, & Carte D’or and Fruttare (for people who love refreshing fruits).

All our kids’ frozen dessert Paddle Pop range meet our Highest Nutritional Standards as they contain 110kcal or fewer per portion, 3g saturated fat or less per portion and 20g added sugars or less per 100g. We believe that our kids’ range are responsible treats. We believe that within a balanced diet and healthy lifestyle there is a place for occasional treats, and that such treats should be responsibly formulated and promoted so that children choose treats which are meant for them rather than for adults.

We define our kids’ range as ‘treats’. ‘Snacks’ have the purpose of filling a hunger gap and providing energy, hence are functional. ‘Treats’ are a specific sub-type of ‘snack’, which have a more emotional/rewarding purpose. These are seen as special, for an enjoyable occasion or experience, to provide pleasure and reward.

Key Facts

  • Unilever is the world's biggest ice cream manufacturer, operating under the Heartbrand And Kwality Wall’s is present in India since 1993. 
  • Heartbrand products are sold in more than 40 countries worldwide.
  • Also sold as Algida in Italy & Turkey, Langnese in Germany, Kibon in Brazil, Streets in Australia and Ola in the Netherlands.

Click here for Nutrition information of our products (PDF | 522KB)

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