Rexona was launched in the year 1947 as a natural skin care soap that gives silky, glowing skin. Rexona’s irresistibly silky soft skin and lingering aromatic fragrance proposition has been an ally to the Indian women to keep those compliments flowing in from their loved ones.

The Indian woman uses products that deliver beauty through skin care but needs the assurance of natural ingredients. She believes that her natural look is her best beauty accessory. She takes the effort to look good and wants to keep the romance alive in her life. This is where Rexona plays a key role in making women look and feel beautiful through the use of natural ingredients.

Rexona comes with the natural goodness of Coconut and Olive oils, which moisturize the skin and leave it silky smooth. Coconut oil has been an inherent ingredient in the soap for more than two decades and has become synonymous with Rexona brand. Olive oil was introduced in the soap in 2009.

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