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Rexona Deo

Rexona logo
Rexona brand banner with image text, stay shower fresh all day.  The image has a model using a Rexona deo.

With Rexona deodorant, stay shower-fresh all day long!

Rexona, the World’s No.1 deodorant brand, is known for its odour protection and fresh fragrances. The brand’s vision is to make consumers understand the cause of body odour and help them overcome the same. With the use of Rexona Deodorants daily, you feel comfortable and confident to move more and achieve what you aim to.

Rexona Deodorant prevents odour caused by sweat and bacteria that return soon after a shower; only Rexona has Motion Activated technology that protects body odour right at the source to keep you feeling shower-fresh all day long. Rexona Deodorants are safe to use, have 0% alcohol and are dermatologically tested too!

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