Role of brands in enhancing health & well-being

We are aware that more people are looking for taste, natural ingredients, and authenticity in the food and drinks they buy.

At the same time, we are very conscious that we need to help people curb their intake of saturated fat, salt, sugar and excess calories to control the rise of diet and lifestyle-related diseases.


Knorr helps millions of people enjoy convenient meals. We use only top-quality ingredients in addition to well-researched preservation techniques to create a range of delicious and easy to prepare meals. While we maintain the taste and quality expected by consumers, we strive to make our products healthier as we also focus on gradually reducing the sodium content of products in our portfolio.

We believe that consumer acceptance should be identified as a key success factor in any salt reduction strategy. Great-tasting products can have the most impact because consumers may not give up taste for health. In our endeavour to encourage consumers to cook more nutritious meals and hence, have a healthier diet, the recently updated Knorr website (which hosts over a hundred recipes), now features a majority of recipes that are ‘nutritious’ and meet the topmost tier of Unilever’s Healthy Recipe Framework (PDF | 991KB).

As one of the world’s largest food brands, Knorr, in addition to carrying out product reformulation efforts and encouraging nutritious cooking amongst consumers, is also committed to the cause of ‘World Hunger.’ As per 2017 statistics by the World Food Programme (WFP) - 815 million people - or one in nine of the global population – still go to bed hungry. India is home to a quarter of all undernourished people worldwide, making the country a key focus for tackling hunger on a global scale.

In 2017, to mark the occasion of World Food Day, Knorr gave food lovers the opportunity to turn a virtual food post into a real meal for someone in need. On 16th October 2017, each time our #ShareTheMeal post was shared or retweeted on Facebook and Twitter, Knorr Global donated the equivalent of one meal via the World Food Programme (WFP), up to a total of 1.5 million meals and Knorr India donated 50,000 meals via Akshaya Patra.

Watch our heart-warming World Food Day video on the Knorr India Facebook page or on the @KnorrIndia Twitter handle, where India’s renowned chefs cooked up a wholesome meal in order to share it with the less fortunate and spread the message of #ShareTheMeal.


roti noodles

Kissan has always supported and continues to lend its support to mothers by enabling them to make delicious food for kids. Kissan offers a delightful range of accompaniments which improves the taste quotient of otherwise mundane meals.

As part of our ‘reducing salt’ commitment under the Unilever Sustainable Living Plan, three key variants of Kissan sauces now meet the sodium benchmarks consistent with Unilever’s Highest Nutrition Standards. The launch of these variants with reduced sodium in a competitive market serves as a testimony to our progress on our USLP commitments. Our portfolio provides consumers with a variety of options that not only appeal to their taste buds but also contribute positively towards their health and wellbeing.

To help make the sometimes-daunting task of packing tiffin boxes a tad-bit easier, Kissan, true to its ethos, is on a journey via its ‘Kissan Tiffin Timetable’ channel to create 200 recipes for 200 school days. The recipes are co-created with India’s leading recipe platform, India Food Network (IFN) and presented by renowned Chefs, Home Chefs and Food Bloggers.

We hope to help mothers prepare more creative, tasty & nutritious meals for their children. Through this initiative, we want to help mothers experience the joy of giving children the meals they love - “Har din naya tiffin, har din empty tiffin” which translates to Everyday new tiffin recipe, every day empty tiffin.

kissan orange

In an attempt to improve the fruit credentials of our product, the recently re-launched (Q1 2019) Kissan Orange Squash has now been fortified with “Fruit Vitamins A, B6 & C”. Fruit vitamins imply β-carotene in Vitamin A form, Vitamins B6 & C. Each serving (210 ml) of prepared Kissan Orange Squash provides 15% RDA (7-9 years, ICMR, NIN 2011) of these vitamins.

The fortification of Kissan Orange Squash is significant as it also contributes to the Unilever’s ambition of providing more than 200 billion servings with at least one of the five key micronutrients vitamin A, D, iodine, iron and zinc by 2022.


Annapurna Iodised Salt

Annapurna offers a range of wholesome and tasty products with its branded staples such as wheat flour and iodised salt. When iodine deficiency was identified as a serious health issue in India and iodised salt became a government directive, Annapurna played a crucial role by launching Annapurna Iodized salt. Annapurna iodised salt continues to provide the right level of iodine while being pure, free-flowing salt.

Launched nationally in 1998, Annapurna Atta was aimed at helping families eat wholesome meals. Annapurna atta with its ‘100% whole wheat for soft rotis’ proposition continues to promise soft tasty rotis. It is made from the choicest of grains, cleaned three times and packed in hygienic conditions.

Annapurna Super Atta

Historically, HUL has been one of the pioneering companies in the area of fortification, with the launch of Annapurna (iodised) Salt in 1995. We are now happy to launch 'Annapurna Super Atta', which is fortified with iron, folic acid and Vitamin B12 in line with Food Safety and Standards (Fortification of Foods) Regulations, 2017. While the current regulation is voluntary for Food Business Operators, HUL has leveraged the opportunity to proactively fortify wheat flour with these essential micronutrients for the benefit of our consumers. Annapurna Super Atta is available in select markets.

The fortification of Annapurna Atta is notable as it also contributes to the Unilever’s ambition of providing more than 200 billion servings with at least one of the five key micronutrients vitamin A, D, iodine, iron and zinc by 2022.

Brooke Bond Red Label

Brooke Bond Red Label offers high quality and carefully blended tea that makes a delicious cup of phytonutrient rich beverage. Tea is the second most consumed beverage worldwide, next only to water. Scientists agree tea is one of the healthiest hydration fluids in the world, basis research on health benefits of tea.


Lipton offers a range of high-quality green tea. Green tea is generally consumed without milk and sugar making it a zero calorie, healthy beverage. Apart from the zero-calorie benefit, green tea is also consumed for its fat metabolising properties that is attributed to catechin, a flavonoid, of which green tea is a rich source. Lipton has been communicating this goodness of tea backed by science through various avenues.

In tea drinking populations, it has been shown that there is a positive association between regular tea consumption (2-3 cups of tea, without milk and sugar) and protection against cardiovascular disease. The Dutch dietary guidelines state that three cups of green tea or five cups of black tea a day reduces the risk of high blood pressure and 3-4 cups of tea a day is associated with reduced risk of stroke. This has led to the inclusion of three cups of tea per day in the Dutch dietary guideline.

Brooke Bond Natural Care

Brooke Bond Natural Care amplifies the benefits of tea by bringing together the wisdom of Ayurveda and the inherent goodness of tea. Our Red Label Natural Care tea has the perfect mix of five Ayurvedic ingredients - Tulsi, Ashwagandha, Mulethi, Ginger & Cardamom and is clinically proven to enhance immunity.

Kwality Wall’s

Kwality Wall’s brand is associated with the joy of sharing happiness and celebrating great times with loved ones. Kwality Wall’s has both ice creams and frozen desserts as part of its portfolio. Kwality Wall’s offers healthier dessert options due to the comparatively lower content of saturated fats (owing to use of vegetable oil), and virtually trans-fat free. Different brands such as Paddle Pop, Cornetto and Magnum in our portfolio cater to different segments of consumers.

We believe that there is a place for occasional treats within a balanced diet and active lifestyle. Ice cream is a ‘fun food’, and we have specially designed our kids’ edible ice portfolio to have fun tastes, textures, shapes and colours, while also adhering to our strict nutrition criteria. Our entire kids range contains no more than – 110 kcal per serving, 3g saturated fat per serving and less than 20g of added sugar per100g or less than < 12g total sugar/serving.

Increasingly consumers are becoming more health conscious and it is our responsibility to provide consumers with more options that have reduced calorific value. Keeping this in mind, in our indulgent brand Mangum, we have developed Magnum Mini’s for consumers who want to indulge in the pleasure of Magnum, but in smaller portion size. A reduction in portion* size is a reduction in calories consumed.

*A portion is defined as a pre-packed single-serve ice cream product meant to be consumed in one go or 100 ml when sold in packaging such as tubs suitable for multi-consumption moments.

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