Helping to tackle obesity

We encourage people to adopt better diets and more active lifestyles, and offer lower-sugar and lower-calorie products.

A third of the world is overweight

We are committed to playing a part in helping to tackle obesity.

More than 1.9 billion adults – 39% of the global population – are overweight and 13% is obese. As stated in the Dietary Guidelines for Indians, A Manual (PDF)- about 30-50% of adult Indians are either overweight or obese. This obesity epidemic must be addressed. There is no single answer. Evidence shows that solutions need to be holistic and take a multi-stakeholder approach with governments, NGOs, civil society and business working together to deliver a robust programme of interventions at country level.

We have a multi-faceted approach based on: reformulating our products by reducing levels of sugar and calories in ice creams and frozen desserts; providing clear nutrition labelling so that people can make informed food choices; offering lower and zero calorie choices to consumers and encouraging them to eat and live healthily; responsible marketing for all ages but especially towards children, and encouraging the wider food industry to take action.

Reducing calories

We reduce calories in our ice creams, frozen desserts and make sure they stay just as delicious and appealing.

Tackling obesity by reducing calorie intake

One way that people can manage their energy intake is by reducing the number of calories they consume on a daily basis. Our primary efforts are focused on reducing calories in ice creams and frozen desserts.

Reducing calories across our ice creams and frozen desserts

We are one of the India’s renowned frozen dessert manufacturers, selling much-loved brands such as Kwality Wall’s, Magnum, Cornetto and Paddle Pop. We know that treats contribute to well-being and pleasure in life.

In 2014, we achieved our target for all our children’s range to contain 110 kcals or less per serving.

Increasing consumer choice through smaller portions

We have reduced the size of certain products and reformulated others in order to ensure they do not contain more than 250 kcals per portion. We will launch these in 2016.

Children’s frozen desserts and edible ice are just as appealing

We carefully control the portion size, calories, saturated fat and added sugars in all our children’s frozen dessert and edible ice. It is important that our lower-calorie children’s products are still attractive. We want to encourage children to choose options that are designed for them and not for adults. So we work hard to produce fun marketing ideas. Sales indicate that children find these products delicious and the marketing appealing.

Raising awareness of responsible treats

By the end of 2014, all our kids’ frozen desserts and edible ice had met our ‘Highest Nutrition Standards’. We are now focused on increasing awareness of the importance of responsible treats for kids to help tackle childhood obesity. We have been successful in convincing parents that our children’s frozen desserts and edible ice are responsible treats that kids can enjoy as part of a healthy diet and lifestyle.

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