A young woman in emerging India aspires for an identity beyond her home. She wants to make a positive difference to her life & the world. Brooke Bond Taaza with its green leaves refreshes her and gives her the confidence to chase her dreams.

Brooke Bond Taaza is available in three variants. They are:

  1. Taaza Leaf
  2. Taaza Masala Chaska
  3. Taaza Dust

Brooke Bond Taaza Leaf

To be on top of your packed day, you need a clear mind – what’s better than a cup of new Brooke Bond Taaza to refresh and clear your mind. Brooke Bond Taaza is a tea blend with high quality fresh green tea leaves.

Brooke Bond Taaza Masala Chaska

This premium blend of tea from Brooke Bond Taaza has added ginger, cardamom & cloves with an impeccable aroma and superior refreshment. The taste of Taaza Masala Chaska is so good that that you cannot stop at just one sip!

Brooke Bond Taaza Dust

This blend from the Brooke Bond family gives you a strong cup of tea that refreshes your mood and prepares you for all challenging tasks.

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