Cif the surface cleaner to let you shine

Cif has always been up for the tough cleaning jobs around the house. Cif believes the easier we make your home tasks, the more time you can have with the people who matter to you most.

Tough stains are not only inevitable but happen all around the home-from the water marks on the sink, oil splatter on the kitchen walls, grime between the tiles, to dirt clouds on ceiling fans. What makes them tough is the difficulty and effort in removing them from all over your home.

Getting rid off these tough stains in your house is not tough anymore. Cif's unique formula removes the toughest dirt making your surfaces beautiful and shiny like new. No matter what the tough stains are, CIF shines.

With Cif you can be assured that it's always a beautiful ending.

Cif product range

We have got the perfect product to help make your life easy and your home beautiful. Choose from our range and discover how to get the best from each Cif Product.

Cif Sprays

  • Cif Sprays with unique lift action technology gets rid of dirt and grime very easily.
  • Its powerful deep cleaning molecules removes the toughest dirt leaving the house ready for family life.
  • Cif delivers 100% streak free shine with every spray.
  • Available in kitchen, bathroom, multipurpose lemon and multipurpose ocean variants.

Cif  Creams

  • Our famously tough cream has offered unbeatable cleaning power since 1965.
  • It cares for your surfaces by removing 100% of the dirt you never thought you’d get rid of with the help of micro-particles that lift grime clean away.
  • And it now comes in a range of fresh fragrances to suit every home.
  • Available in white and lemon variants.

Key Facts

  • Cif is sold in 51 countries around the globe.
  • Cif is the number 1 abrasive cleaner in the world.
  • Cif has the fastest-growing spot in the Asian market and is at its largest in India.
  • Cif is also sold as Jif, Vim, Viss and Handy Andy.
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