Sparkling bright clothes not only help form great impressions, but also provides confidence to realize ones ambitions. Rin understands this need and strives to deliver best in class whiteness and brightness through continuous innovation and product improvements.

Rin bar

Rin was launched in India as a bar in 1969 with the iconic lightning mnemonic. Over the years, the brand has grown to become synonymous with providing ‘dazzling white clothes with one stroke.’

In 2016, Rin relaunched a water saving bar in key markets to address the rising water stress across India. Rin Bar now gives clothes the same dazzling brightness while saving half the water.

Rin detergent powder

Rin detergent powder was launched in 1994. This was the first product extension from the iconic brand that stood for whiteness in laundry. We further introduced Rin Refresh with the fragrance of lemon & rose that penetrates every fibre to give the same brightness and freshness to boost confidence all day. In 2016, we also added Rin Antibac Powder to our portfolio which promises not just bright clothes, but also kills 99.9% germs.

Rin Ala

Bleach being another ‘whiteness’ solution for numerous Indian households was a logical extension for the brand.

Rin Matic

Rin also added Rin Matic, a specialist washing machine powder to its portfolio, based on the insight that ordinary powders do not deliver performance under machine wash conditions, thus addressing an unsatisfied consumer need.

Rin Career Ready Academy

Across India, the middle class are determined to improve life for themselves and their families. They are progress seekers. They have the confidence and the determination, to move ahead, to progress and to Shine. Their appearance, their clothes, and their skills are critical in making them feel more confident. In 2015, Rin launched the Rin Career Ready Academy to prepare such talented youth for a brighter future. The Academy offers free courses in English Speaking, Office Dressing and Interview Training, which can be accessed either on or on voice.

Rin today

The 'Rin' brand is trusted by millions of households across the country and continues to grow and gain the love and confidence of the Indian consumer.

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