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Project Prabhat continues to create sustainable communities


Promoting health enhancing livelihoods

Through Project Prabhat, we work towards creating sustainable communities around Hindustan Unilever factory locations.

Prabhat recently launched a new Livelihood Centre in Hosur, Tamil Nadu. The centre has found a new way to make our sustainable-waste ecosystem stronger by converting plastic waste into products such as bags and decorative items. The conversion process is done entirely by the women beneficiaries.

Promoting health enhancing livelihoods

“This program has not just given me an income to support my family but also self-confidence, which will stay with me no matter what job I do.”

Nirmala, beneficiary, Project Prabhat

Furthermore, the Prabhat Poshan Saathi (nutrition buddy) initiative was launched, where a team of women reach out to community members around the Hosur factory, demystifying nutrition for pregnant and lactating women.

In the field of water, the newest project focuses on increasing the water potential of villages around HUL’s Hosur Factory. These initiatives help in improving the water potential of villages and encourage farmers to adopt water savings practices leading to an increase in agricultural production.

Promoting health enhancing livelihoods
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