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Surf excel inspires and creates meaningful change



As a responsible organisation, we are committed to taking smaller steps to collectively and positively impact climate change.

Our largest laundry brand, Surf excel, advances in the journey towards a Clean Future by introducing Surf excel Matic Liquid with 100% biodegradable actives in the product formulation and 50% recycled plastic in packaging – a great start to reducing the environmental footprint in the product life cycle.

The product, pack and communication change are a slight nudge from Surf excel to the citizens to believe their choices make a difference in creating a world we all wish for. The new brand communication film is centred around the idea of taking control of our future in the small ways we can. Like all Surf excel communications, the protagonist of this film is a young child who is moved by the stories of her father’s and grandfather’s experiences from a time when man and nature weren’t as out of sync with each other.

With a determination to create a world where she can be a part of these exciting experiences, she starts collecting waste on the beach to create space for nature to flourish. Showing the path to her elders, she acts to make better choices for a cleaner future for herself, and many children like her looking forward to enjoying the world in all its glory. A beautiful combination of intent and action to make a positive change is highlighted in the video.

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