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Revolutionising local shop advertising with Shikhar


India's consumer goods market largely relies on sales from millions of Kirana stores. These small-scale shops, which sit at the heart of local communities, play an important role in serving the daily needs of consumers. In today's fast-paced world, advertising is crucial for retailers to connect with consumers. With the rise of technology and busy lifestyles, customers seek convenience, especially in routine grocery shopping.

Two HUL retailers using HUL's flagship Shikhar app win their shop.

The trend of home delivery has become prominent, and businesses, both big and small, will need to adapt. However, many small retailers face a challenge – they lack the resources and expertise to advertise their services effectively. In this digital age, creating high-quality digital content has become essential for shop owners to promote their offerings to customers.

More power to the Indian retailer

In response to the changing retail landscape, we have launched the 'Power to The Retailer' campaign through our e-B2B app, Shikhar, to democratise advertising and empower local Kirana (mom and pop) stores. Shikhar's innovative platform levels the playing field in a market where large chains traditionally dominated celebrity-fronted advertising.

With over 1.3 million registered stores on the Shikhar app, the 'Power to The Retailer' campaign offers retailers unprecedented freedom to create personalised celebrity-endorsed videos promoting their unique offers and discounts.

Ensuring security with AI

Behind the scenes, Shikhar's platform integrates sophisticated Generative AI technology powered by our campaign collaborator, This ensures the rapid creation of personalised videos while safeguarding against potential misuse. The AI engine automatically removes any inappropriate words entered during the video production process, maintaining the integrity of the content. It combines cutting-edge technology and user protection, ensuring retailers a smooth and secure experience.

Shikhar's vision: Empowering retailers for a digital future

As the technology landscape evolves rapidly, we regularly update the app with new features to make it more interactive and engaging for our retailers.

Our goal is to equip retailers with the power to stay competitive and streamline working capital, harmonising online and offline journeys for a seamless customer experience.

Magic can happen when two different worlds, AI and traditional trade, converge!

Kedar Lele, Executive Director, Customer Development, Hindustan Unilever Limited
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