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Six things to love about Lakmé – India’s biggest make-up brand


It’s a beauty bestseller, a tech pioneer and a future-fit fashion icon. Discover one of India’s most-loved beauty brands, Lakmé.

A woman with bold red lips and smokey eye make-up gazes away from the camera, holding a tube of Lakmé lip mousse.

  1. Lakmé is India’s No.1 make-up brand

    A model with long dark hair and a red hat wears Lakmé Absolute liquid lip colour in a bold red, with red winged eyeliner.

    Lakmé is India’s first home-grown make-up brand, and the clear market leader in India, one of Unilever’s top three priority countries. In fact, Lakmé’s relative market share in India is 1.5x the size of its closest competitor.*

  2. There’s an entire Lakmé ecosystem

    A House of Lakmé beauty counter in India featuring a red carpet and black lacquered furniture.

    Lakmé has a unique competitive advantage thanks to its ability to reach consumers in many different ways. The brand has the largest network of beauty advisers in India – more than 5,000 beauty specialists. Lakmé also has a chain of more than 450 Lakmé Salons nationwide and retails through its direct-to-consumer website.

  3. It’s got a strong heritage and is staying future-fit

    A model with dark hair and gold jewellery looks directly at the camera. The advert is for Lakme’s Lumi-Smooth AHA Serum.

    Lakmé was born in India in 1952 and it’s stayed relevant ever since, extending from makeup to premium skincare. The brand is now accelerating growth in the digital world, attracting on average 25 million visitors annually to its website, and winning 25% of its business through e-commerce.

  4. It brings new beauty tech to millions of users

    A screen shot of Lakmé’s Make-up Pro app where users can try on virtual make-up via their smartphone.

    In the last 12 months, over 2.3 million people tried out Lakme’s next-generation digital beauty innovations. These included the Lakmé Foundation Finder to select the perfect skin tone match, the Skin Pro tool which analyses faces to recommend personalised skincare routines, and the Make-up Pro app where users can try on virtual make-up onscreen.

    Lakmé’s advanced tech is also used in product development. The brand’s innovation teams have access to comprehensive analytics powered by AI, allowing them to track beauty trends and bring new products to market at a rapid pace.

  5. It’s fashion forward and purpose-led

    Lakmé helped create India’s largest Fashion Week (The Lakmé Fashion Week) over 20 years ago, and its name is now synonymous with style. Lakmé’s new #UnapologeticallyMe campaign debuted at this year’s event, championing women’s right to be fearless about their love for fashion and beauty.

  6. And it’s PETA approved

    A bunny logo confirming that Lakmé is a PETA-approved brand.

    PETA awarded Lakmé its cruelty-free certification in October 2021.


Source: Kantar/Kantar Cosmetics Panel, India

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