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Vim continues to grow with innovation


A trusted favourite in kitchens all over India, dishwashing hero brand Vim is growing fast, with superior products that delight consumers.

Packshots of Vim product range

Vim’s product range offers practical high-performance solutions to a wide range of consumer pain points that cut across geographic and socio-economic differences.

Deepak Subramanian, Executive Director, Home Care, HUL

Vim is synonymous with superior dishwashing

Vim is one of HUL’s largest brands and a market leader, with a growth journey that has been powered by innovations like Vim Liquid, Vim Scrubber and Vim Matic (Machine dishwash) a result of continued consumer centricity and agile processes.

Here are some of our recent unmissable innovations by Vim

Vim Shudhham

In 2023, Vim entered the specialist cleaner category with the launch of a copper, brass cleaner- Vim Shudhham. India is a deeply cultural nation with an extremely high usage of copper and brass vessels, especially for pooja. Vim realised that there exists a pressing consumer pain point in cleaning these vessels. Currently, consumers use hacks and proxies to clean them. Vim wanted to enter this category with a revolution, that could make the consumers’ life much easier.

Harnessing the powers of HUL’s Agile Innovation lab, Vim was able to develop and execute a mix consisting of two formats- Gel and Spray. Both these formats make cleaning easier and pleasant, and provide the perfect shine that consumers want.

Vim Shudhham
Vim Scrubmagic

In 2023, Vim launched a novel 2 in 1 scrubber that provides the benefit of a steel scrubber and soft scrubber in one. Consumers often complain about how they need to keep switching between two scrubbers to clean different kind of vessels, hence Scrubmagic provides them with magical convenience.

Vim Scrubmagic
Vim Matic

As consumers are moving towards dishwashers, especially post COVID, Vim realised that a need space exists in this new mode of dishwashing. As the leading dishwashing brand, Vim entered with a powerful Matic range, containing Salt, Rinse Aid & detergent and even launched an innovative all in one tablet.

Vim Matic

What’s next

As the dominant market leader, the onus is on Vim to lead premiumisation through market development. We will therefore continue to push the curve on innovation in our dishwash business.

Aditya Kasyap, Category Head, Home & Hygiene, HUL
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