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Know the science behind LUX’s beauty and skincare range


When the Lever Brothers launched LUX in 1924, they aimed to create richly fragrant yet affordable soap. Today, a hundred years later, LUX continues to deliver top-quality beauty products at good value.

An advert by the Lux Beauty brand promoting the Indulce exfoliate glow

Over the last hundred years, LUX has celebrated unapologetic beauty and femininity and has become a beacon of self-assurance and empowerment for women.

In the ensuing decades, LUX featured a lineup of iconic women from the world of show business in its commercials. From Marilyn Monroe, Elizabeth Taylor, and Audrey Hepburn gracing the brand's ads in the 1950s to modern-day campaigns featuring Sarah Jessica Parker, Priyanka Chopra Jonas, Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, Shu Qi, Alia Bhatt, and numerous other prominent figures – LUX has always stayed true to its promise of offering a luxurious lather, accessible indulgence, and exquisite scents.

Philosophy behind the Bar

LUX has always been special, but what elevates it further is that despite all the success, it is always within reach. It caters to the multifaceted woman – those who take pleasure and pride in their beauty, those who see their femininity as a strength, not a weakness, and those who want to own their beauty confidently and unapologetically.

New Lux advertising with Vitamin C and Jasmine essence

How R&D shapes LUX’s beauty and skincare products

LUX formulations have evolved significantly over the last century, keeping pace with our consumers' needs and aspirations. In India, a large population uses just a bar of soap as the only form of skincare in a day. This adds responsibility to our wash-off soap products to deliver real consumer perceivable skincare benefits, and these are also clinically proven to do so.

Now LUX bars are the first to be accredited by the Skin Health Alliance (SHA) globally. Skin Health Alliance is one of the world’s leading skin health endorsement bodies, leveraging the views and opinions of independent dermatologists, scientists, and experts. This accreditation validates the differentiated and robust science and technology present in our cleansing bars.

Lux Soap Claims Illustrator

We have also seen fascinating outcomes from fragrance tests conducted on our LUX liquids. Partnering leading brain researchers from the University of Liverpool, LUX delved into neuroscience research to gauge individuals’ confidence levels when exposed to fragrance. Using electroencephalography (EEG), the study unveiled distinctive brain responses (i.e. boosted confidence) in response to a LUX fragrance, eliciting a notably positive effect within 100 milliseconds, equivalent to the blink of an eye, well before conscious processing is feasible.

Ankush Wadehra profile image

"LUX has evolved significantly over the last century, keeping pace with the needs of our consumers. Speaking of the products and the technology that goes into the making, it has evolved significantly. For example, the technology used in the beauty soap bar is clinically proven to deliver skincare benefits in a wash-off product—something unheard of."

Ankush Wadehra, Vice President – Skin Cleansing India at HUL

LUX’s changing brand positioning over time

LUX has adeptly evolved its brand positioning to stay ahead in the dynamic beauty market. By leveraging pop culture, we've embraced the theme of "moonlit glow," integrating it across diverse languages and songs to resonate deeply with consumers (Yeh Chand Sa Roshan Chehra). This higher-order skin benefit reflects Indian pop culture's association of the moon with beauty, symbolising radiant and luminous skin. Moreover, our product proposition has shifted from fine flower fragrances in 2019 to innovative skincare benefits, introducing Vitamin C in 2023 and advanced formulations for a flaw-less glow that lasts long by 2024.

To sustain momentum, our media deployment has returned to advertising focusing on the cherished relationship sparks between spouses, such as:

Lux Soap Claims Illustrator

Lux Bar Soap Graphic

Best of skincare Lux soap graphic

Lux body wash claims illustration

Lux Body Wash Magical Orchid Claims

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