Bru introduces finest coffees from across the world in India

Range includes coffees from Brazil, Colombia & Kilimanjaro.

Served Farm Fresh

Bru Exotica is truly an offering for coffee connoisseurs and for those seeking an indulgent experience from an exquisite cup of coffee. With the Indian consumers continuously expanding their global outlook and experience, a cup of Bru Exotica will allow them to indulge in these international flavours from the comforts of their own home. A series of television commercials featuring BRU brand ambassadors Priyanka Chopra and Shahid Kapoor have been launched to bring alive the unique processes and culture which makes coffee from these three regions, the finest in the world. 

Each variant of Bru Exotica offers a rich flavor and lingering aroma for the discerning palette of coffee connoisseurs. These coffees come from a unique method of processing called freeze-drying. This process keeps the sanctity of the coffee taste and aroma intact to such a high degree that the coffee served seems farm-fresh.

Exotic Range

BRU Exotica Brazil, one of the most rare and exotic coffees, is blessed with a rich taste and distinctive aroma that’s beyond compare. The coffee beans are dried under warm and pristine sunlight, and the freeze drying process ensures retention of the unique aroma in the soluble granules. It allows one to indulge in the fine taste of Bru Exotica Brazil, an authentic Brazilian coffee experience.

The unique and exquisite gourmet Bru Exotica Columbia coffee is separated from the rest due to its inimitable human touch. Its lingering flavor and the rich aroma is lent by the dedicated hands of the Columbian farmers, who have excelled the craft for centuries. This fragile coffee is skillfully grown in the shade of rubber or banana trees and carefully brewed to perfection. The freeze drying process ensures that the delicate flavour of the pristine Columbian coffee is presented just the way it should be. 

Just one sip of Bru Exotic Kilimanjaro coffee transports one to the pristine valleys of Mt. Kilimanjaro- the divine lands, which are home to these coffee beans. The select pea-berry beans come from the ripest cherries, which are carefully hand-picked. The freeze-drying process ensures that the delicate flavour of the pristine Columbian coffee beans retain its pristine sense. A whiff of its unforgettable fruity aroma allows every coffee lover to revel in the fact that they are going to sip on something rare and special, hand-picked for them specially.

India’s leading coffee brand

BRU is the leading coffee brand in India. It offers a range of products in Instant coffee, Conventional coffee, Ice and Hot Cappuccino and Out of Home Vending. BRU was the first coffee brand to go national with a variety of offerings suited for the varied and distinct taste palette of the Indian consumer. BRU’s expertise in coffee ensures product delivery to the highest quality standards. The products are made from choicest beans, slow roasted to perfection, preserving the fresh coffee aroma for a great aromatic cup of coffee and a coffee experience like no other.

BRU Green Label Roast & Ground is the largest brand in the conventional coffee segment. BRU cappuccino and Ice cappuccino, introduced in 2005 and 2007 respectively are innovative products specially designed for the cafe going youth - to enjoy a great cup of cappuccino even at home.

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