HUL employees educate 4500 children on hand hygiene

Lifebuoy embarkeds upon an oath taking drive in 60 special schools.

Following this, employees of Hindustan Unilever Limited employees went out to 60 schools that included schools for blind, and under-privileged children to give the hand hygiene oath in both, verbal and sign languages. Global Hand washing Day 2011 aims to bring about a change by raising awareness with children, school teachers and parents who will join celebrities, government officials, NGO ambassadors and members of the private sector in taking the oath of hand washing with soap, to present as an example of a powerful public health intervention.

Mr. Paranjpe said, “We are keen to spread awareness on the habit of washing hands with soap. It has become even more important to make the vulnerable sections of our population, a large part of who are children, aware of the importance of hand washing. This is a simple and cost effective way of saving millions of lives.” 

For a brand that has been forging partnerships to promote awareness of hand hygiene, this was yet another step closer to the Lifebuoy social mission of bringing safety, security and health to a billion people through the active promotion of hand washing with soap.

Mr. Sudhir Sitapati,General Manager, Skin Cleansing, HUL, said, “We are committed to changing an otherwise mundane task of hand washing into a healthy and fun habit of washing hands with soap and water. As a brand we go to great lengths to make our hand washing education lively and engaging, so kids can learn it easy and fast and practice it way into their adulthood. We understand this is a critical health intervention, as washing hands with soap can significantly reduce the burden of disease on the child and its family.”

Global Hand washing Day 2010 was hugely successful with 200 million people and 700,000 schools in more than 100 countries celebrating the event. This year promises to be even bigger with more children, teachers, parents, celebrities and government officials planning to motivate millions to lather up to prevent life‐threatening diseases such as diarrhea and acute respiratory infections.

Children suffer disproportionately from diarrheal diseases – with more than 2 million children under five dying every year from diarrhea and pneumonia‐related illnesses. The simple act of washing hands withsoap at critical moments (such as after using the toilet and before handling food) is a key cost‐effectiveand life‐saving intervention. Research has shown that hand washing with soap can reduce the incidence of diarrhea among children under five by almost 50 per cent, and respiratory infections by nearly 25 per cent. 

In many developing countries, it is not the lack of soap that is usually the barrier – with the vast majority of poor households having soap in the home – rather, the problem is that soap is rarely used for hand washing. Creating lasting behaviour change and ensuring handwashing with soap becomes a social norm are key components of hygiene and sanitation programs worldwide.

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About Global Handwashing Day (GHD)

Global Hand washing Day was initiated in 2008 by the Global Public‐Private Partnership for Hand washingwith Soap, and it is endorsed by a wide array of governments, international institutions, civil society organisations, NGOs, private companies and individuals around the globe.Lifebuoy, in partnership with a coalition of public, and NGO partners launched the inaugural Global Hand washing Day in India on 15th October, 2008.Hand washing with soap is a significant contribution to meeting the UN Millennium Development goal of reducing death among children under age of five by two-third by 2015. 

The global Public-Private Partnership for Hand washing with Soap (PPPHW) is a coalition of international stakeholders whose focus is hand washing and child health. Established in 2001, the partnership aims to give families, schools, and communities in developing countries the power to prevent diarrhea and respiratory infections by supporting the universal promotion and practice of proper hand washing with soap at critical times.

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