Vim liquid breaks Guinness World Record

15,300 plates washed with just one bottle of Vim liquid.

Vim entered this record by establishing a 3.8 kilometer long line of 15300 washed plates on the MGM beach. Vim liquid also donated meals to a large number of children at the ‘Udavum Karangal’ orphanage in Chennai and later these plates were also washed as a part of the record. 

Guinness World Records adjudication authority from USA - Mr. Mike Janela, witnessed this attempt by Vim and under the stringent protocol of Guinness World Records it was proved that Vim dish wash liquid has created a new world record for Longest line of washed plates. 

This Guinness World Record reiterates Vim’s supremacy in the liquid dish wash category and certainly highlights it as a value for money brand as only one 500 ml bottle of Vim liquid was used to clean the 15300 plates.

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