Bru fans help launch the new Bru Exotica Guatemala

Bru coffee has launched its latest variant Bru Exotica Guatemala, chosen by fans on the brand’s Facebook page – What’s Bruing.

The new coffee origin in Bru Exotica range, Guatemala, has been selected with the help of Bru’s facebook community through an online contest. The contest ‘Bru Exotica – Search for the next coffee origin’ was launched earlier this year on the brand’s Facebook page – What’s Bruing. It allowed coffee lovers to help choose the next coffee origin which would then be added to Bru Exotica’s range of premium freeze dried coffees in India.

Apart from helping decide the next Bru Exotica origin, this campaign helped drive consumer engagement in an innovative way through content that made them feel a part of the launch.

There were three unique coffee regions to choose from – Sumatra, Guatemala and Ethiopia. For each region, a character was created to share stories about his country and seek support to help bring his coffee to India. While Budi highlighted the earthy and strong flavours of Sumatran coffee, Kiki promoted the fruity, refreshing flavors of Ethiopian coffee and Rico sang praises about the sweet and flowery Guatemalan coffee.

Consumers could log on to Facebook to find out more about the coffees and characters. Rico’s coffee from Guatemala got more than 50% of the votes and it has subsequently been launched in market.

A new campaign with Shahid Kapoor as the brand ambassador is now promoting the newly launched Bru Exotica Guatemala.

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