Introducing the revolutionary Dove’s Advanced Diagnostic Damage Meter

Dove Damage Meter is an advanced diagnostic tool to measure hair damage.

Dove’s Research and Development team has invented and developed this innovative hand held device, which combines the accuracy of laboratory tests and the ease of measuring the extent of damage in hair in seconds anywhere, anytime. The tool’s advanced technology gives precise analysis of the extent of hair damage and facilitates in recommending the right products for truly damage free beautiful tresses.

“Hair is vulnerable to a lot of factors that one might not be aware of. Excessive travelling, exposure to sun/pollution, thermal & chemical treatments and even simple acts like brushing and blow drying can damage hair and strip the protective layer leading to cracking cuticles, breakdown of internal structure & protein loss. With the advent of summers, hair can get damaged due to excessive heat and humidity. It is important to appropriately diagnose hair damage levels for recommending the right products with the right ingredients that will deliver deep hair nourishment.” says, Dr. Rohini Wadhwani, leading Beauty Consultant.

The Dove Damage Meter will be available for consumers to get their hair damage quotient measured soon.

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