Eighteen HUL brands in Brand Equity’s Most Trusted Brands List

Clinic Plus and Lifebuoy amongst the most trusted brands in India.

HUL brands have once again dominated ‘India’s Most Trusted Brands Survey’ rankings. Two HUL brands (Clinic Plus and Lifebuoy) feature in the top 10 and seven of our brands (Fair & Lovely*, Rin, Surf Excel, Lux, Pepsodent,Closeup, Pond’s) feature in the top 20. All together there are 18 HUL brands among the ‘100 most trusted brands’ in this survey. This year's survey rankings were announced at an awards function held on November 6, 2012 in Mumbai.

The Most Trusted Brands from HUL in the top 100 list (their rankings in brackets) are: Clinic Plus (4), Lifebuoy (10), Fair & Lovely* (11), Rin (12), Surf Excel (13), Lux (14), Pepsodent (17), Closeup (19), Pond’s (20), Sunsilk (26), Dove (37), Vim (43), Pears (79), Lakme (81), Vaseline (86), Wheel (87), Hamam (95) and Rexona (96).

HUL brands have consistently featured and have dominated the list of India’s Most Trusted Brands. Conducted by Nielsen, The Most Trusted Brands survey is the largest of its kind in India with a design sample of 8,160 respondents across socio-economic classes, age, income and geography.

Brand disclaimer:
*References to Fair & Lovely in this article pre-dates the brand’s name change to Glow & Lovely in 2020.

Foundation disclaimer:
* References to the Fair & Lovely Foundation in this article pre-dates the brand’s name change to Glow & Lovely in 2020. The Foundation’s new name is ‘Glow & Lovely Careers’.

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